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Personal Work

Game Art

Low polygon characters done for challenges and personal projects.

Wii Clockwork Knight Beetle Talos Rick Hunter

Bubba Ho-TepDawnBlankBlankBlank


Primarily Photoshop was used for these high-resolution illustrations.

Legs Chick Fight Yokel Captain Hawk vs1

Self PortraitMaster and ServantBlankBlankBlank

Trianta - 30 Drawings in 30 Days

A few of us at Relic all decided to challenge ourselves by painting an illustration a day for 30 days straight. These are mine.

Day01 Day02 Day03 Day04 Day05

Day06 Day07 Day08 Day09 Day10

Day11 Day12 Day13 Day14 Day15

Day16 Day17 Day18 Day19 Day20

Day21 Day22 Day23 Day24 Day25

Day26 Day27 Day28 Day29 Day30


Daily Sketch

These were all done for either CGTalk's Daily Sketch Group or or personal "Sketchclub", and were all done in 4 hours or less.

Romantic Darth Yarsilla Sh_t Rainbow Fairy Spirit World

Undead Champion Fire Woman Geeger Evil Flesh

Clamp Hands BBB Axis Warbot Ugly Robo


Speed Paintings

Other quickly-done drawings that fit neither of the above catagories.

Axis Chick Demoness Journey Sketches Card Game Characer


Works in Progress

Works that I intend to finish at some point.
Look here for step-by-steps or for progression snapshots.

Dominance War 3 WIP crow Thumb Blank Blank

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